We are living in a time where in the news business speed is considered crucial. We journalists are under pressure to get the story quickly; better yet – get it first. But more and more, we are wondering, what is behind those headlines of the breaking news?

Being young journalism students in Aarhus, we have hit the breaks and present to you our new podcast #SlowNews. We try to give you an alternative to the mainstream media, and more importantly, we give ourselves as reporters and you, our listeners, time to investigate and understand a news event in depth, seek out untold stories and present different angles.

We value meaning over mere information.

In this first episode of our podcast, we will introduce you to the concept of Slow News and give you the opportunity to get to know our team.

Nanna will guide you through this episode in which Juliette interviews the leading researcher about Slow News, American scholar Jennifer Rauch; Méline and Denitsa explain why it matters to themselves as aspiring journalists and to the world to go deeper into stories; and Louisa shares her motivation to bring forgotten crises to your attention. Of course, we will not let you start the weekend with disillusion about the current state of the news, but Louise and Valerie will at the end give you some recommendations of great Slow News pieces already out there.

Listen here …

… or directly on Soundcloud.

Slow News will from now bring new perspectives and in-depth research about different topics in a bi-weekly rhythm here on Planet Mundus.

More information:

In the studio.

In this first podcast I have produced, I worked together with my team as responsible editor on the outline of the whole podcast. I also co-edited the audio.

This episode of the #SlowNews podcast was first published on November 16, 2018 on Planet Mundus.


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