Migration continues to be a dominating topic across the world. For example in the  European elections some say it was one of the deciding topics.
We took a closer look at it with two concluding SlowNews episodes on migration to end our podcast-year.

In Part I of our migration focus, we looked at migration to and going from Denmark – a special case in the European context: Denmark decided not to follow the common guidelines that EU member states have agreed on.

To get some inside views, we spoke to Eva Singer, Director of the Asylum Department of the Danish Refugee Council. She will guide you with us through application procedures, forced return and the political ‘paradigm shift’ of 2015 in Denmark.

In this final podcast series on migration, I was editor in chief. In this first part, I supported in writing and recording.

This episode of the #SlowNews podcast was first published on May 19, 2019 on Planet Mundus.

Please have a look at the second part of this final show of #SlowNews, as it is about Burundi and the refugee situation in the Great Lakes Region, a topic very close to my heart.


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