From the country with the biggest oil reserves in the world to people starving. Venezuela is in a deep humanitarian crisis. What happened?

Since May, the people of Venezuela have been protesting against their president Nicola Maduro. A couple of weeks ago, the opposition leader Juan Guaidó was declared interim president – against the will of Maduro of course. So now there’s not only a humanitarian crisis but a severe political crisis in Venezuela. These specific events give us a good opportunity to look beyond mainstream media’s extensive coverage to elaborate the trends that have shaped the situation in Venezuela for many years and break down dominant narratives.

In this #SlowNews podcast on Planet Mundus, the student radio of Mundus Journalism students in Aarhus, we bring to you a personal story from Kim, a fellow  student from Venezuela. Also, we look at different countries’ reaction to the crisis, and discuss the often quoted “failure of yet another socialist state”.

Tune in!

Please note: in the next episode of #SlowNews there is a statement on some feedback we received on this episode on Venezuela.

In this podcast I was together with my colleague Louise responsible for the final discussion of socialism vs. capitalism and edited the outline of the whole narration. Also, I did the whole editing of the audio.

This episode of the #SlowNews podcast was first published on February 15, 2019 on Planet Mundus.


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