External blog: Shutdown! – Shut up? – Shot down?!

Analysing information vacuums as power tactics in conflict and war: As part of a university assignment, I sobserved the power tactic and increasing trend of internet shutdowns on the African continent. On my external blog ‘Shutdown! – Shut up? – Shot down?!’ I provide background information, theoretical approaches to the topic, in-depth analyses, insights into case studies, interviews with people who have lived through internet blackouts, and further reading recommendations. Read here the final conclusions and go check out the original blog (shutdownmugabo.wordpress.com)!


Podcast #SlowNews: Looking behind the headlines: What is happening in Venezuela?

In this #SlowNews podcast on Planet Mundus, the student radio of Mundus Journalism students in Aarhus, we try to look behind the headlines on the crisis in Venezuela by bringing to you a personal story from Kim, a fellow student from Venezuela. Also, we look at different countries’ reaction to the crisis, and discuss the often quoted “failure of yet another socialist state”.



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