Words have the power to change the world.

Being a Mundus Journalism fellow at the moment, I aspire to become a war & conflict reporter, focusing on the Great Lakes Region in Africa because

Forgetting crises means forgetting humans.

Passionate about journalism and media in general, I also dream about working in the field of media development, using my privileges to support making marginalized voices heard.

Currently, I focus on my studies, chosen battles as an activist & learning new skills and gaining more knowledge, e.g. through the production of a bi-weekly podcast during my first year of studies in Aarhus (see here) or through attending conferences on Conflict & War Reporting.

Please reach out if you know about any interesting intern- & traineeships or job openings for comitted, creative & hard-working freelancers!

When browsing my website & looking at my work, please keep in mind that I am political as I am convinced that objective journalism is not only a myth, but also against the human responsibility we do have, especially  as journalists.
Still, displaying the best obtainable version of the truth based on facts is at the source of my journalistic work.
Read more about my journalistic approach and experience here.
Here you can find a selection of published pieces, whereas on my blog personal articles are listed amongst published ones.

I am currently posting from Swansea, UK.

Peace & Love,
Louisa Esther Mugabo.