Words have the power to change the world.

For the last seven years, I have devoted my life and studies to peace and conflict transformation through the media with a special focus on the often overlooked or misunderstood Great Lakes Region in Africa and developments in Eastern Africa.

I strongly believe that resilient and courageous journalists and their stories from conflict zones such as Burundi or the North-Kivu in the DR Congo deserve more of our attention, because:

Forgetting crises means forgetting humans.

Passionate about journalism and the power of communication, I aspire to work in the field of media development in the African context, as I want to make use of my privileges by supporting making marginalized voices heard.

I have recently graduated from the prestigious Mundus Journalism programme and I am now looking for job opportunities across the globe.
Read more about my education, skills, & previous work experience here.
Here you can find a selection of published articles, whereas on my blog non-published pieces are listed, too.
Also, check out my external blog ‘Shutdown! – Shut up? – Shot down?!’ on the increasing trend of internet shutdowns on the African continent. Here I provide background information, theoretical approaches to the topic, in-depth analyses of the new power tactic, interviews with people who have lived through blackouts, and further reading recommendations. Check it out!

Please reach out if you know about any interesting job openings for

  • a committed, creative & hard-working media professionals with many years of experience as a multilingual freelance journalist,
  • an expert with spoken & written words,
  • a communications professional on- & offline,
  • an excellent young academic,
  • and for a passionate builder & promoter of peace!

In short: for me!

I am currently posting from the Black Forest, Germany.

Peace & Love,
Louisa Esther Mugabo.