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Words have the power to change the world.

For the last seven years, I have devoted my life and studies to peace and conflict transformation through the media with a special focus on the often overlooked or misunderstood Great Lakes Region in Africa and developments in Eastern Africa.

I strongly believe that resilient and courageous journalists and their stories from conflict zones such as Burundi or the North-Kivu in the DR Congo deserve more of our attention, because:

Forgetting crises means forgetting humans.

Passionate about journalism, media development, & the power of communication,
I now work as a freelance journalist, multilingual communications specialist, & effective project coordinator. I am also a founder currently working on kicking off my media startup aimed at supporting making marginalized voices heard (instead of presuming to be talking for them).

I am particularly interested in topics around conflict transformation, peacebuilding, humanitarian issues and will always support the fight for everyone’s right to information, free speech & press freedom.

I have graduated from the prestigious Mundus Journalism programme. I have gained theoretical knowledge &  practical experience in the fields of journalism, development cooperation, conflict transformation, & project coordination.
Read more about my education, skills, & previous work experience here.
Here you can find a selection of published articles, whereas on my blog non-published pieces are listed, too.
Also, check out my external blog ‘Shutdown! – Shut up? – Shot down?!’ on the increasing trend of internet shutdowns on the African continent. Here I provide background information, theoretical approaches to the topic, in-depth analyses of the new power tactic, interviews with people who have lived through blackouts, and further reading recommendations. Find it here!

I am currently posting from the Black Forest, Germany.

Peace & Love,
Louisa Esther Mugabo.